knowledge is life

knowledge is life

Knowledge is the perception, awareness

and understanding of facts by means

of the naked mind or by way of acquiring information

by conducting an experiment and interpreting the results.

Experiment or interpretation of news

or through contemplation of the nature of things

and self-contemplation, or by looking at the experiences of others and reading

their conclusions; Knowledge is related to intuition

research, and curiosity to discover the unknown, to develop oneself, and to develop technologies.

Knowledge is also known as

A description of a situation or process for some aspects of life for people or groups prepared for it,

for example if I “know” that it will rain,

I will take my umbrella with me when I go out.

And knowledge is also the fruit of encounter

The connection between the perceived subject and the perceived subject,

and it is distinguished from the rest of the feeling data, in that it is based at the same time on opposition and union.

The close relationship between these two parties. Prof.

Dr. Abdel-Wahab El-Mesiri presented us with a procedural definition of

the word knowledge, which is closer to the mind of a student.

Philosophy by saying, The epistemological is the total and the final,

and the expression of the totality here indicates universality and generality,

while the finality of existence means its finality and its end.”

The maximum that a thing can achieve,

and the cognitive dimension of any discourse or any phenomenon

can be reached by studying three basic elements: